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April 2014 - Januar 2015

"Wonder of the Female Body - WIE ein kultureller Wandel zu erreichen ist"

Start: 04. April 2014, HAMBURG

8./9. November 2013

"Nachhaltige Entwicklung, Gender und der Wert-Zentrierte Ansatz"

Juli 2013

Ehrenamtlichen-Workshop in Kleinsassen/Rhön zum Wanderausstellungsprojekt "Weibliche Genitalverstümmelung in Afrika beenden - wie ein kultureller Wandel zu erreichen ist"

Juli 2013

Wert-Zentrierte Elternschulen in Kenia beginnen

INTEGRA Fachtagung in Berlin



Am 02.04.2014 unterzeichnen Members der ALDE Group im Rahmen der Europawahl 2014 das Wahlversprechen, sich für die Überwindung von FGM einzusetzen.
Darunter Vizepräsident des Europäischen Parlaments Alexander Alvaro und seine Assistentin Elisabeth Bauer (Büroleiterin), die unsere Arbeit seit Jahren unterstützen.

The CENTER for PROFS and LebKom together with Maisha e.V. are the German partners in the END FGM European campaign, which is led by Amnesty International Ireland and aims to launch a common European strategy for putting an end to female genital mutilation.


TheThe Stop FGM campaign

was launched on 4 February 2010 in Berlin by Waris Dirie, Heymann Brand de Gelmini and a range of supporting organisations.
LebKom and other leading German organisations and companies are joining forces in the fight against FGM.

We are involved


Donate protection - now!

By giving € 60 you can protect a child against the cruel fate of genital mutilation. That's just € 5 a month for one year.

Donate using PayPal:

Wanderausstellung 2014

WA_HomepageUnsere Wanderausstellung 2014 startet am 04. April. Für mehr Infos klicken Sie hier.


Kalender 2014 

jetzt erhältlich. Eine Kooperation mit der Ferdinand- Braun-Schule zugunsten des FULDA-MOSOCHO-PROJEKTs.

Kalender 2014 Fulda-Mosocho-Project

Per Klick auf das Bild können Sie den Kalender ansehen und für 7,50 Euro über unser Kontaktformular bestellen.

Ministerin E.M. Mathenge mit einem vor der Beschneidung bewahrten Mädchen

Celebration 2008: Kenyan minister E.M. Mathenge shares the joy of girls saved from female genital mutilation.

Fortbildungsprogramm für Lehrkräfte: Männerkurs im Fulda-Mosocho-Projekt

Further education programme for Teachers Men's course

The Fulda-Mosocho Project is nominated for the 2006 Sakharov Prize

Fulda-Mosocho-Projekt: nominiert für den Menschenrechts-Preis des EU-Parlamentes

EU-Parlamentarier Alexander Alvaro bei Projektbesuch in Kenia

MEP Alexander Alvaro visits the project

Development aid project to end female genital mutilation and circumcision

The FULDA-MOSOCHO PROJECT has been ranked by the UNICEF Innocenti-Research Centre in its recently published multi-country study as one of the top five projects worldwide in the fight against the circumcision of women and girls!

The results of this study of high international renown are based on five years of rigorous research and evaluation by UNICEF.

Thanks to the success of the FULDA MOSOCHO PROJECT , Kenya is now regarded as one of five countries in Africa that has made considerable progress in the fight against this terrible custom.
The four other countries are Egypt, Ethiopia, Senegal and Sudan.

According to the study, the key factor in the success of the FULDA-MOSOCHO PROJECT is its training of experts in the unique Value-Centered Approach,

which „has generated important changes in attitudes towards violence against women
and has also led to collective abandonment of FGM/C”
(Chapter Kenya, page 37)

The FULDA-MOSOCHO TEAM is delighted by this continued international recognition. In 2006 the FULDA-MOSOCHO PROJECT and Prof. Dr.Muthgard Hinkelmann-Toewe, who developed the Value-Centered Approach, were nominated by the European Parliament for the Sakharov-Prize its prestigious human rights award.

With your help, we can save Abigal and thousands of other girls from female genital mutilation.

Abigal is 4 years old. In December her mother will bring her, unsuspecting, to the cutter. She will be held down by force on a stone Prof. Dr. Hinkelmann-Toewe mit einem vor Beschneidung bewahrten Mädchenwhile a razor blade is used to cut out her sexual organ; the clitoris. Her struggles and screams will be in vain.

Abigal lives in Kenya. There, in the Kisii ethnic group – just like in Somalia, where the UN Special Ambassador Waris Dirie grew up – almost every girl (98%) falls victim to female genital mutilation.

The Fulda-Mosocho Project

A total of  150 million women worldwide are affected by female genital mutilation. Through immigration, the problem has long since reached Germany where more than 30,000 women are suffering from the consequences. Thousands of girls and young women – maybe even where you live – are threatened by this cruel custom, which robs them of their sexuality and quality of life - they do not bleed to death first, which a considerable number of girls do.

Since 2002 the Fulda-Mosocho Project has saved more than 16,000 girls in Kenya’s Mosocho region from female genital mutilation. The mutilation rate has decreased by 70%. The project and the founder of its Value-Centered Approach, Prof. Dr. Muthgard Hinkelmann-Toewe, were nominated by the European Parliament to receive the Sakharov-Prize, its prestigious human rights award.

Our local helpers and opinion leaders in Mosocho are now accompanying us to two neighbouring regions at local inhabitants’ request. Some 35,000 girls live there at acute risk.

There is also a need in Germany to save girls from genital mutilation and to reach out to migrant families.

What we do and how we do it


  • dispatch our organisation’s anti-FGM experts to Kenya
  • train local people in seminars as opinion leaders and multipliers
  • support these local helpers in everyday practice

We strive to:

  • impart knowledge and expertise that help fathers and mothers make decisions about their own daughters at the grassroot level, saving whole age groups of girls.
  • begin not at a set point, but at the stage of understanding people have already reached. They return home with a newfound perspective. This creates a run on the seminars.
  • reach the target groups that hold the girls’ fate in their hands, such as teachers, parents, church leaders, mayors, clan elders, cutters.
  • deliberately involve men: if the decision-makers have a change of mind and their sons marry women with a clitoris, then success is guaranteed for generations.
  • free mothers from an unbearable burden.

Our aim is to help people, help themselves, and we are now drawing on our experiences in Kenya to join hand in hand with migrants in Germany to combat female genital mutilation in this country as well.

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