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CENTER for PROFS is an independent institute for research, education and implementation that developed out of the University of Applied Sciences, Fulda, and is directed by Prof. Muthgard Hinkelmann-Toewe.


They conduct basic and applied research. Based on the research findings, the CENTER for PROFS develops innovative strategies, approaches and models to realize equal rights for men and women and to implement human rights for women both locally and globally.

Of particular significance is the solving of such problems that can be ascribed to the areas of “violence against women” and “sexuality and reproduction”, including traditional practices, female genital mutilation (FGM), HIV/Aids, overpopulation, etc.

CENTER for PROFS implementing men and boys

Successful engagement of men and boys in the process of implementing gender equality!

Furthermore, the CENTER for PROFS trains men and women to develop strategies, approaches and models that they can apply in their own professional lives.

The organization developed the Value-Centered Approach. One of the fields of application includes the project for ending female genital mutilation in Kenya.

An international study by UNICEF’s Innocenti Research Centre not only characterized the FULDA-MOSOCHO-PROJECT as one of the world’s best in the struggle against FGM, it especially named the Value-Centered Approach as the key to this success.

The CENTER for PROFS is accredited with consultative status at the United Nations and feels connected to the goals of the UN. With its work it provides valuable scientific and field-tested contributions to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – especially SDG 5, Gender Equality, the gateway to the other SDGs.

A detailed description by Prof. Dr. Hinkelmann-Toewe of the many facets of the VCA and its economic implications can be found, among other things, in KONSENS 1+2, the journal of the German Association of Women Academics. To read and download the article, please click here.

Training for implementation

The institute trains Gender-Equality Experts for preventing violence against women and girls (VAWG) as well as Anti-FGM experts. They work hand in hand with people on the ground from local communities in the countries they’re working in to put into operation nationwide processes to reduce violence against women and to end FGM.

The CENTER for PROFS also holds lectures, events and seminars on the topics of gender as well as the Value-Centered Approach.

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Research results, new and innovative findings and the success in implementation connected with these lead to the CENTER’s participation in numerous international conferences and panels. The CENTER FOR PROFS has conducted numerous discussions on the topics of FGM, women’s rights and human rights, and Prof. Muthgard Hinkelmann-Toewe has given numerous keynote speeches.

  • World Conference on Women, Nairobi und Peking
  • ICPD, Kairo
  • ICPD +5-Forum, Den Haag
  • World Social Summit, Kopenhagen
  • 24th Session of the General Assembly of the UN concerning the World Social Summit and its following conferences, Genf
  • Round Table +5, Brüssel
  • First international conference on FGM, Nairobi
  • International Conference on abandonment of FGM, EU-Parliament, Brüssel
  • CSW, New York
  • Conference of the International Federation of University women, Manchester

The CENTER for PROFS is a member of Germany’s INTEGRA network and partner in the Stop FGM Now campaign – interviews about these can be found here!



  • 2006: Nominated for the Sakharov Prize, the European Parliament’s prize for human rights
  • 2012: Golden Dove of Peace for Prof. Hinkelmann-Toewe, sculpted by artist Richard Hillinger, awarded by the Deutsche Akademikerinnenbund (German Association of Female Academics) for the successful application of the Value-Centered Approach in the work to end FGM in Kenya.


Dove of Peace

...awarded to Prof. Hinkelmann-Toewe for her innovative approach to end FGM

Friedenstaube mit Hinkelmann

UNICEF Country-Study

... describes the FULDA-MOSOCHO-PROJECT as one of the 5 world's best in the struggle against FGM. Click here to get insight!

Unicef-Study The Dynamics of Social Change